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While preparing for pregnancy we encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices. We are happy to provide you with resources regarding prenatal supplements, nutritional counseling, smoking cessation and avoidance of alcohol and drugs.

Pregnancy and Birth

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Eden Midwifery embraces family centered care. Your family is viewed as an integral part of your pregnancy and birth experience. We are delighted to have your family join you in your prenatal visits and the birth of your baby. All members of your family including children are always welcome. This is your birth and your experience. We never limit the number of visitors. We are happy to support your experience however you envision it.

Our philosophy is partnering with you to establish the birth experience and plan that fits your needs and wants. Each prenatal visit allows up to an hour so we have the time to address your questions or concerns. During your initial visit we will provide you with information and resources to prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. All prenatal visits allow for open discussions about your pregnancy, the current evidence-based data, your options to choose or decline screening, diagnostics, or routine recommendations. You will never be pressured or given bias information. Our aim is to teach, mentor, and guide you through the process and allow you to be an active partner in the decision making process.

Prenatal Visits

All prenatal care promotes the health of you and your baby by following physical and emotional changes as your pregnancy progresses. We will see you monthly until 28 weeks. Then every two weeks until 36 weeks. From 36 weeks to 40 weeks we will see you weekly. If your baby chooses stay beyond 40 weeks we will see you more frequently. At each visit we will review you and your baby's health by:


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Midwives partner with the woman and her family by discussing your birth options throughout your prenatal care. We work closely with you to develop a birth guideline. We honor your choices and opinions regarding your body, baby, and birth. Our focus throughout the prenatal period is building a trusting relationship with you. At Eden Midwifery you will meet with your midwife at each appointment and your midwife will attend your birth. No surprises or strangers on your big day.

Most babies are born without any problems. All that is needed is support, education, and careful monitoring during pregnancy and birth. However, sometimes moms or babies may need some additional support during pregnancy or childbirth. Having a Certified Nurse Midwife as your birth attendant means she has the education and experience to prescribe medications if needed, induce labor, or bring in another member of the health care team. CNMs are nurses with a master's degree and have additional training (usually 2-3 years) in pregnancy and birth.


Midwives care for the woman during the six weeks following birth. The postpartum period is a unique time of rapid change. Your midwife will continue to care for you and support you during your postpartum time. In general we will visit you and baby day one and three, at one week, two weeks, and six weeks. If you need additional support during your postpartum period we are here for you.

Baby Care

Midwives are educated and trained to care for newborns and infants through the first six weeks following birth. We follow you and your infant closely ensuring support with breastfeeding, common newborn needs, concerns, and questions; making it convenient to see your midwife for well-checks during this time.

Lacation Support

Breastfeeding mother nursing twins

At Eden Midwifery our Lactation Consultants offer breastfeeding support, consults, or home visits. All our staff have extensive breastfeeding training and are available throughout the six weeks postpartum and beyond. CNMs are able to provide referrals to other providers if additional special feeding issues arise.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placentas are processed and prepared by a skilled and knowledgeable placenta encapsulator, who, has a huge passion and respect for these wondrous organs and all they provide in growing your baby and then supporting your postpartum recovery. She accepts this role as placenta encapsulator with a high standard of professionalism and care.

Placentas are processed and put into capsules for the mother to take during their postpartum recovery. Encapsulations is a service not included in routine prenatal care or postpartum care. Contact us for a quote.